Community Appreciation – Day #5: Valbusa1

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the fifth day of Community Appreciation Month! For today, I have selected a really nice penguin who was also once an author of this website many years ago. You might remember him for some of the Card Jitsu graphics which he created. If you’re interested, you can view his posts (mainly graphics) by clicking here.  If you know him as Tittto147, Letrock or Graphicboycp, then you’ve been in this community for a while but now he is known as Valbusa1!


He is really a great person! We’ve spent countless hours working on Club Penguin projects together, some of which never got launched (and never will get launched), some of which you are reading right now. Where this site would be without him? Probably still here as he was mainly an author and a graphics designer, but not as good. I’m not going to lie though. We had rough times, especially as I found him slightly annoying back then. I banned him from the chat many times. Despite all of this, we are good friends now. Unfortunately, Valbusa1 is nowhere near as active as Tittto147 however he still occasionally comes on.

One of the main things that I said he was good in was graphic designing and it’s true! Whilst the graphic I am about to show you might not be the best you’ve ever seen, you need to bear in mind this was 2014. Seriously, I was terrible at blogging then but we’ve all improved. Graphics is no different. Now Valbusa1 continues to make amazing graphics! In fact, he even says that a few of his favourite things are blogging and graphic designing!

Whilst Valbusa1 no longer works here (I can’t remember if he left or if the site closed down because when that happened, everyone was removed from the team), he still blogs at a website called The CP Glitch along with three other penguins, which you can read by clicking here. Tittto147, my enemy, my friend. Valbusa1, my friend.

thank you


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