Community Appreciation – Day #6: Somsubhra1

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the sixth day of Community Appreciation Month! This series has been going on for quite a bit now, six days in fact, so I’m sure you know what’s happening. If not, click here! For today, I have chosen someone who you’ve probably heard of if you’ve been in the community for a while as he was the co-owner of Radish CP Cheats. It’s Somsubhra1!


Somsubhra1 is a very kind and helpful person. He helped me to create GamesBot on the Club Penguin Mountains chat! Trust me, this took a lot of time to develop and it definitely would not exist without the aid of Som! Although Radish CP Cheats/Guides no longer exists, Somsubhra1 used to blog there and was the co-owner of that website. I really enjoyed reading that blog! Blogging for it however…I got fired for no valid reason…

Over the past few years, Somsubhra1 has been a great and helpful friend. From intense battles of UNO to just chatting…

thank you

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