Community Appreciation – Day #7: Pingping4069

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the seventh day of Community Appreciation Month! It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by and in three more weeks, this series will be over. Good news, I intend to do something special at the end of this month! Anyway, today I have chosen a really friendly and creative person! It’s Pingping4069!


Pingping4069 is a really nice and kind person! Having started in 2011, Pingping4069 has had a huge impact on the community. Whilst her blog, Pingping in CP, is as old as this site, I think that her main talent is with art. She is definitely a great artist! Take a look at some of the stuff she’s drawn.

img_20160409_191737.jpgClrkxBhVYAExfCU-1 CmHo1ZGUkAgOa6v





Her art is absolutely amazing! Some of you may think that there are better artists in this community (there aren’t that many – let’s be serious) and they should have been selected instead. Well, the reason I do this is to feature people who have been friendly to me – present or past. Whilst there are more artists to be featured, Ping is extremely friendly and her talent is a bonus!

From creative drawings to creative writing, I highly suggest checking out some of her work as it is extremely high-quality! Ping is a really amazing person in this community.

thank you


10 thoughts on “Community Appreciation – Day #7: Pingping4069

  1. Thank you for making this post! I really appreciate how your describe your opinion about me. 🙂 And yes, my main hobby (I don’t really like saying talent because my drawings aren’t that great yet. XD) is drawing. Usually, when I ran out of ideas, I intend to write instead.

    I actually have no idea that your website is as old as mine. To me, your website is slightly older. XD

  2. i like flip flap15 he is a good dev he code html css and so he called him self flippy. hw own many sites and a great designer

    • Thank you for reading and stating your opinion. In my eyes, Flippy is rude and mean and I’ve experienced that first hand so he will not be a part of Community Appreciation Month.

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