Community Appreciation – Day #8: Party! (Now Over)

*This event is now over. You can view the highlights and the winners of the codes by clicking here!*

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, there will be no penguins featured for day eight, but I still have something planned! In fact, later today there will be a small leak in the current results of the blog polling. But for today, I want to announce something massive!

We’re already a week through this series, and it’s been a massive success! So I was thinking, how do I make it more awesome? A party! I must apologise for the short notice, but please understand that in my emails with Club Penguin, I gave this date. You’re invited and there will be loads of prizes!


I really hope you can come and this should be massive! I’ve been planning this event for weeks now, and to add to the hype, here’s a couple of prizes. There will be THREE Card-Jitsu codes up for grabs:

  1. To one random person who attends the party
  2. To a non-member with the best outfit
  3. To a member with the best outfit

Details on how the code shall be handed to you will be covered in the post announcing the winner. There is no theme for the non-member outfit but the member theme is “underwater”…

It would be amazing if you could come! There will be posts updating what is going on and it’s going to be a great evening. I aim for the event to last around half an hour, but I realise that that is a pretty long stretch. Oh, and also, if you’re reading this Club Penguin team, please come! It’d also be great to have some moderation from those pesky bots.

I can’t wait to see you there! We’re going to play loads of games…and I might just throw in a few more prizes. Thank you!

Waddle on,


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