Current Blog Polling Results

Hey everyone,

At the start of this month, I announced a contest where numerous blogs were featured. So far, the results are confidential though I have been watching them closely. However, today I am going to share the eight blogs going through to the second round at the moment. What I must say is that a single vote can really change the tide. Seeing how you can vote once an hour, I would encourage you to vote as often as possible for the best opportunity of having your [favourite] blog winning! I must admit that I am pretty shocked at the results.

Anyway, I’ve taken the current top eight and randomised them to form this list.

blogs going through

Congratulations to the above blogs! Remember that the final results will be decided on the 15th July 2016. Just a quick change to the rules: the top blog automatically goes through to the next round without the risk of being randomly removed from the competition. Here’s the poll!

Waddle on!


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