Community Appreciation Month – Day #19: BeefyPenguin9

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the nineteenth day of Community Appreciation Month! Today I have selected someone who I don’t know too well in the community, but I really enjoy his content a lot. He has a YouTube channel with 3000 subscribers. It’s BeefyPenguin9, also known as Nook608!


I know that BeefyPenguin9 is a great person in this community due to the fact that he’s been really nice to me for the few times we’ve talked together! But other than that, I think the next thing we should focus on is Beefy’s talents. He has created over 200 videos and achieved over 700,000 views on his YouTube channel! The reason for this is due to his awesome content.

Here’s his channel trailer:

I love Beefy’s stop-motion animations in particular! He manages to create some really good stories with just Mix n’ Match figures and a few other things. I would encourage you to check out his channel. You can do so by clicking here and you can watch his stop motion animations by clicking here! I reckon that you’ll enjoy them!

thank you

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