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Discussion: Recap of Megg’s Information

Hey everyone,

In case you missed it (which I did), Megg hosted a meet-up on Club Penguin yesterday. She gave us a lot of information about the future of Club Penguin, though not a lot about #ProjectSuperSecret. I know this isn’t a news blog, but I thought it’d be good to catch up as we learnt a lot! This post does contain spoilers, but nothing like room designs or leaked stuff. This is official by a Club Penguin moderator.

Either way, today I’m going to share some screenshots of the things she said. I did not take any of the screenshots however publishing them is fair use as they were already available on the Internet and this blog is purely for entertainment purposes. This is justified by the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1998.

The first two screenshots are from Bloxorz.


Whilst this isn’t confirmed, it’s great to see that Megg is trying for a Music Jam in November! The Club Penguin community flooded the team with requests for this after the Frozen Party was announced for a third time. This does make me curious on what Megg means by “trying”. I wonder what the process for making a party happen is.


A large portion believe that Club Penguin have overdone it with puffles. Me, I liked the puffle creatures but bringing the Olaf and alien puffles into the mix was too much. So, I am pleased to see that there won’t be any more. The question is, how long will this be the case for?

The next image was taken by Nico.


Alright, I’ve been happy with everything up to this point. But as I’ve discussed before, Club Penguin have promised a whole load of Card Jitsu updates, in which the main one was Card-Jitsu Shadow. I want to know what reason justifies not having Shadow. It’s something thousands and thousands of players, including myself, have been excited for. I want to know why Club Penguin changed their mind AGAIN, like they do so so many times.

The next screenshot was taken by 1999bloo.


Whilst we always knew that is was highly likely for the #ProjectSuperSecret beta to come out later this year, now it’s confirmed to. In case you missed it, Project Super Secret will launch fully in 2017.

I’m not sure who took the final two screenshots.


“Weeks” is not a very accurate term. A large portion of the community have rumoured that it’ll be two weeks long, with some threatening to quit because of this, however I must agree. Take a look at the following:


The Halloween Party is in October, and whilst I’m glad it’s returning, there’s no party in the middle. This suggests that Frozen Party will last a ridiculously long amount of time. But don’t worry, it stops at the anniversary. Does this suggest that Nico’s theory could be true, but except for #ProjectSuperSecret fully launching, the beta launches?

I will be extremely disappointed if we don’t get a Holiday Party. Hopefully we do. Anyway, thanks for reading! If you agree with any of my points, remember to email Club Penguin. The Music Jam is proof that the team is listening to us!

Waddle On!


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