Community Appreciation Month – Day #20: Flip Flap15

Hey everyone,

Every single person in this community has negative opinions about someone. Today I have selected a penguin who calls me “stupid”, hates on me, tries to get others to hate on me, claims to hack people, has created #TorresLeStupid and #GoodbyeTorres (this was one of the contributing factors to my departure) but I still want him to get this award for this is about the community: he may hate on me but I’m glad he doesn’t to other people. It’s Flip Flap15, also known as Flippy!


If he hates me so much, why am I making this post? Well, he used to be one of my best friends throughout the community. Of course, I understand I’ve done wrong and I completely respect Flippy’s decision to hate me but let’s not focus on that. This series is about bringing out the positives of people, not the negatives.

Flippy was a great friend who is extremely talented and helpful. I still remember the day where he made my custom penguin, which is such an awesome design that I still use it to this day. That’s not all though! As you may have seen in my recent Club Penguin Emoji products post, Flippy has started a whole trend with these emojis. What’s more amazing is that he’s made dozens of them! His art is just the start of his talents.

He has also created a blog, called Club Penguin Spoilers, which was truly successful and unique, not just due to the content but also the layout and the theme. It’s now closed down though. Flippy has also contributed a lot to Club Penguin Mountains, and whilst he may regret doing so now, I’d like to thank him for that.

I understand that Flippy and I can never be friends. After all, he wants me gone as he thinks that I am stupid, but Flippy is a really great person! I would highly reccommend you reach out to him and be friends. I also understand how much hate I’ll get for this post because people think I’m being sarcastic. I am not being sarcastic. I don’t care how much Flippy hates me, he’s a great person who has contributed a lot to this community.

thank you


  • Pingping4069 (@Pingping4069)

    Flippy is also one of my best friends who has helped me throughout the years from the first time I started blogging until now. He likes to be funny and he also has high creativity.

    I also would like to apologize what just happened to you. I didn’t know until I scrolled down and saw a bunch of ‘shocking’ posts. I’m just glad that you’ve decided to continue blogging and ignore the negativity.

    2016 has been a bad year for me and for some people. I’m expecting for good things to happen next year.

    • torres126

      Yes, he’s helped me a lot and was a good friend. This is the main reason I still selected him to be part of this series, despite the fact he hates me now. I was really amazed by his Penguin Emoji.

      It’s fine. There’s a lot of nice people in this community, like you and everyone else on my list!

      I know. Same. Hopefully everything gets better soon. ☺

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