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Club Penguin Island: More Beta Invites Sent Daily & Open Beta Close

“More and more invitations are being sent daily”, according to moderator Urban Tailor. An interesting thing to find out is whether this means the TestFlight invitation or the interest email. Bloxorz, the beta-tester who took that screenshot, also found this information “interesting”.
Madzom8ie also shared a screenshot of Aunt Arctic saying that more and more penguins were arriving on the island. I think it’s interesting that the team have decided to make her say that as it’d be no use when beta is over. 

The final screenshot is by Madzom8ie and shows that there are three new servers. All of these screenshots suggest that an open beta is approaching us rapidly. The closed beta ends in just a few days and I reckon shortly after that, we’ll see an open beta.

Thanks to Madzom8ie and Bloxorz! 

Waddle on!  

-Torres 126 

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