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Club Penguin Island Beta Testers CANNOT Complete All Quests

The community is still angry over yesterday’s news to do with the beta however it turns out that beta testers cannot do everything! As you may know, Club Penguin Island has a sort of “story mode” built in where Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic can give you quests to do along with Daily Challenges.

Although beta-testers can finish the few episodes Aunt Arctic has set, they cannot finish all of Rockhopper’s. These tweets by two beta-testers tell us this new piece of information.

From the information we’ve been given, it appears that beta-testers can only complete up to episode 8 of Rockhopper’s Adventures. This is interesting but I’m still curious if the team intentionally did this. I guess that after yesterday’s update of beta progress being saved, they don’t want to let beta-testers be too far ahead though it’s looking like they will be.

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