CP Rewritten: July 2017 Clothing Catalog & Secrets

The beach-themed Penguin Style is out on Club Penguin Rewritten! If you’re unable to see it, you may need to clear your cache, but this catalog has some really cool items!

On each of the three new pages, there are three secrets to find rare items! The first page contains the Red Sunglasses, Coral Crown and the Life Jacket.

On the second page, we have the Fishing Hat, Fishing Vest and the much loved Blue Duck! You can use the Blue Duck to earn a stamp and it has a cool action, so I would suggest picking that up!

On the third page, we have the Grass Skirt (which also has its neat own action) along with the Wetsuit and Aqua Striped T-Shirt!

Lastly, the final update to the catalog is the Penguins at Works section. This time you can buy the “Lifeguard Shirt” to help keep the water at the Cove safe!

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! Be sure to check back for the latest news and more Club Penguin Rewritten content!

Waddle on!


7 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: July 2017 Clothing Catalog & Secrets

  1. I’m sorry, but this is not a very good guide. Many secrets in this guide are missing., such as the flower bikini secret.

  2. Hey Torres, Club Penguin Rewritten is a virtual world where you can CHAT. one of my parents does not want me chatting online with anyone. Should I stay? Should I go? Should I put Safe Chat? What do you think?

  3. ‘Green Flippers’ on the ‘Pink Snorkel’
    ‘The Befluttered’ hair on the flower of the ‘Yellow Bikini’
    ‘Red Helmet’ and ‘Blue Helmet’ on the ‘Pink Sandals’

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