Club Penguin Rewritten Water Party Tutorial

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The Club Penguin Rewritten Water Party is going on until August 2nd and we have a complete tutorial on where the free items are, the mascots visiting, where the pins are and some of the favourite activities to do during this event!

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CP Rewritten: Water Droplet Pin (July)

In celebration of the Water Party, a new pin has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten until August 2nd! In this post, I’ll be showing you how to find this Water Droplet pin.

Firstly, head over to the Iceberg and click the blue thing on the left of the room. This will lead you to another room.

You will now be on the House Entrance, which is basically the Blue Whale. The pin is the droplet located on the left of the whale’s arm.

I timed this image well…thanks Trekker! 🙂

Once you’ve tapped the pin, you will be able to pick it up, add it to your stampbook and wear it. This is the only pin around the island until August 2nd so be sure to pick it up at some point during the Water Party!

Thank you for reading, I hope that this guide helped. Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

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-Torres 126

CP Rewritten Times #20 – 18th July

The Water Party starts today and also, a new Club Penguin Times issue has been published!

Featured in this edition, we learn about the PSA, tour guides, plays at the stage, surfing tricks, see some epic artwork and more! I would highly recommend reading it for yourself online, but as always, I’ve summarised it!

Here’s a quick summary of the information and things mentioned in this edition:

  • You can become a PSA agent by tapping the chat bubble on the rules page, then completing a quiz
  • You can become a Tour Guide by completing the quiz at the Ski Village
  • Water Party begins today (July 19th)
  • A new pin will also be hidden today until August 2nd
  • There will be a new Penguin Style catalog and Igloo Music selection on August 2nd
  • New igloos will be on sale in the Betters Igloo catalog from August 9th

These are all some very exciting stuff coming soon, but I’m most excited for the Water Party since I’ve never experienced that before. Be sure to check back for the latest news and guides, thank you for reading!

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-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Water Party Sneak Peek

Hey! The Water Party begins on Club Penguin Rewritten in just two days and Joee recently shared a picture of his penguin on one of the slides in the party!

Whilst it’s a minor sneak peek, it’s still really cool and makes me excited for the Water Party so I thought I’d share it! I’ve never actually been around for a Water Party, so I’m really excited to see how the party is like. I have no clue what to expect!

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten Online Safety Video & Code

The Club Penguin Rewritten team have released a really cool video encouraging others to keep our island a safe place for everyone by continuing the Online Safety: It Starts with you campaign!

Fun fact, it is rumoured that the team hired a voice actor to speak for this but stu worked very hard on the video too! I’m really glad that they’re not only continuing our entire game but the safety campaign too, so maybe one day people who never even played Club Penguin will play Rewritten.

Along with this, there is also a code to unlock a laptop. Simply go into “Unlock Items Online” on the server page, “I’ve got a Code” and enter the word ONLINESAFETY.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Sun Pin (5th July)

A new pin, the “Sun” pin, has been hidden on Club Penguin Rewritten until July 19th! If you don’t want the location to be spoiled, please skip this post! Here’s how the pin looks like.

With the help of icychaps8864, who I thank greatly, I was able to find the pin. It is located at the Dance Lounge inside the lamp by the bottom left!

Once you’ve collected it, you can wear it and it will be added to your stampbook. I hope that this guide helps, thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Earn the “Go Swimming” Stamp

After the updates earlier today, it’s now easy to get the “Go Swimming” stamp! I’ll be quickly showing you how to get it just so you make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to add another stamp to your collection!

Very simply, head to the Gift Shop and turn to the second page of the catalog. Click the bottom right corner on the box saying “Swimsuits”, then purchase the Blue Duck.

Head to the Cove and make sure that you are only wearing the Blue Duck – take off any clothes that aren’t this item. Then head into the water, tap “D” to dance and you would have earned your stamp!

I hope that this quick tutorial helped. Thank you for reading, have a nice day!

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-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: July 2017 Clothing Catalog & Secrets

The beach-themed Penguin Style is out on Club Penguin Rewritten! If you’re unable to see it, you may need to clear your cache, but this catalog has some really cool items!

On each of the three new pages, there are three secrets to find rare items! The first page contains the Red Sunglasses, Coral Crown and the Life Jacket.

On the second page, we have the Fishing Hat, Fishing Vest and the much loved Blue Duck! You can use the Blue Duck to earn a stamp and it has a cool action, so I would suggest picking that up!

On the third page, we have the Grass Skirt (which also has its neat own action) along with the Wetsuit and Aqua Striped T-Shirt!

Lastly, the final update to the catalog is the Penguins at Works section. This time you can buy the “Lifeguard Shirt” to help keep the water at the Cove safe!

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! Be sure to check back for the latest news and more Club Penguin Rewritten content!

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CP Rewritten Times #18 – July 4th

Issue 18 of the weekly Club Penguin Times have been published and it contains articles about Rockhopper, the colour vote, Stage play, Ski Hill tracks and the upcoming events!

Whilst I do reccommend you have a read of the paper yourself on Club Penguin Rewritten, as always, I have summarised the information on what’s coming to the island soon!

  • Rockhopper will be leaving the island tomorrow (July 5th) so be sure to buy any last Rare Items from the Migrator
  • A new Penguin Style and Better Igloos catalog will be released tomorrow (July 5th)
  • New summertime furniture will be in the new, updated furniture catalog tomorrow, along with new igloo music (July 5th)
  • A new pin will be hidden tomorrow until July 19th (July 5th)
  • On July 12th, we will see a new play at the Stage
  • The colour vote results will be revealed on July 11th but tomorrow is the last day to vote

This is some very exciting stuff! We don’t quite have a date yet on when the Water Party will begin, but at least we can start getting our igloos and outfit ready from tomorrow. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Fireworks Begin

Fireworks have started appearing on Club Penguin Rewritten! Specifically, you will be able to see them at the Ski Hill, Beacon and the Iceberg!

These will be going on until July 5th and they’re a neat little addition to the game. The sky isn’t tinted but it’s still pretty cool, so be sure to check them out!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126