CP Rewritten: Ice Fishing Time Trials Mode & Insanity Stamp

Whew, that’s a long title! There’s also plenty of long Ice Fishing games to be had as the Club Penguin Rewritten team have released their brand new game mode: Time Trials!

For those confused on how to actually play, clear your cache and simply click “Time Trials”.

The concept is simple, it’s a new design (which can also be seen in the classic version) and you have one bait and 90 seconds to catch as many fish as possible. Each yellow fish you catch is worth eight coins but you can still use your Game Upgrade rod.

However, sharks, crabs and jellyfish will try to stop you from getting a high score.

Along with this, the stamps for Ice Fishing have had their bugs fixed. There’s also three new stamps, and yes, a new purple one. The insanity stamp. That is the official name, by the way, and the idea is to catch the Grey Mullet. This is not an exaggeration, the chance of catching one is just 1%. That’s tiny!

Top Tip: Grey fishes don’t count towards the Time Trial stamps!

So as you can tell, you have to be extremely lucky to get all the Ice Fishing stamps and somehow, some penguins have already got them! However, I wish everyone luck trying to obtain it.

I find the redesign really cool and it’s a nice way to introduce custom content to Club Penguin Rewritten content. Screenhog did too!

Have fun playing the new Ice Fishing mode! Remember, if it doesn’t appear for you, clear your cache. That solve everything. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


6 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Ice Fishing Time Trials Mode & Insanity Stamp

    • I SAW THEM TOO! I think everyone sees them in the Plaza, Snow Forts and Town, but they go by really quickly and I’m not fast enough to get a screenshot for my blog! If you’d like to send them to me, you can use a website like prntscr.com to upload them and send a link to me, or email them to me! 🙂

  1. im mad because, CP could have lived until 14 years. Flash is gonna close in 2020, CP closed because “flash is dying” well, it may be dying, but it is not dead yet, lets make out everything possible of it before it closes! (and btw CPR may close too…)

    • CP Rewritten will probably close earlier than 2020 but if it doesn’t, the team have made and are continuing to make better a downloadable client, so even though when Flash ends, CP Rewritten will still be playable! 🙂

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