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CP Rewritten “Most Likely” to Close Next Week

In the last two days, Club Penguin Rewritten players have been concerned that the game would be closing after Hagrid and Joee left the team, leaving the game with one developer and no artists.

Update: Sorry! It turns out Joee has not left Club Penguin Rewritten

Codey, the owner of the game, has said this about the possible closure.

Club Penguin Rewritten will most likely cease it’s existence by the end of July

This news has understandably concerned the vast majority of the community, including myself. To see a game that is one day thriving then the next without artists is awful so I am really hoping Codey manages to keep this game, our game, going.

I will try and keep you updated with this major news but it is possible that his decision could change. Until this decision changes, I have delayed my original plan of officially stopping Club Penguin Island blogging.

Good luck to the Club Penguin Rewritten team,

-Torres 126

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