CP Rewritten is Under a DDOS Attack


For those wondering about why Club Penguin Rewritten may be down, the game is under an illegal attack as confirmed by their official Twitter account. This means that you are unable to log-in until the attack is over.

All I ask is you guys wait for us to bring it back up, and work on it, and to not create false rumours like Disney is doing this, etc.


Update: Codey has stated that Club Pingu is “most likely” the culprit

This is why Club Penguin Rewritten is down however the “Status” page is not working either, claiming that all servers are operational. There isn’t a virus, so don’t worry about that!

Update: CP Rewritten is in contact with their server provider

Update: Everything should hopefully be fine soon

However, I will try to keep you informed on the situation of this breaking news, but you don’t need to worry about your account or details like that!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


11 thoughts on “CP Rewritten is Under a DDOS Attack

  1. When CP got their DDoS attack, I was not playing, I could have been innocent banned! Or you! Or poor fellow Penguins! I played from August 2014 to like December 2015 and June 2016 (when I first met clones) until the destruction of March 2017

  2. IM SO MAD! MY BREAKFAST FRUIT FELL TO THE FLOOR! (And we did not have more, we have to go to the store next week) I WAS SO SO MAD

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