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CP Rewritten: Card-Jitsu Delayed by a Day

After a long wait, Card-Jitsu returning to Club Penguin Rewritten is just around the corner and many penguins are hyped to play! 

Currently many penguins are waiting at the Dojo for the game to release however the team have released that the game’s release has been delayed just by one day to August 12th due to the large number of service fixes that had to be made, which the team have said take priority over in-game updates. 

I thank the team for all they’re doing and wish them luck in bringing out Card Jitsu soon since after a long wait, many players are extremely excited about being able to earn their black belt again! Hopefully we will be able to do so within a couple of hours! 

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126 


  • Perrythepal

    I knew this was going to happen this whole time. It isn’t even out yet, and in my time zone, it’s the 13th. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Card-Jitsu was delayed to September and/or the CPR staff are making excuses to explain why CJ isn’t here yet. I understand that the staff need to squish all of the bugs and they do this for free, but I saw this coming from a mile away, and the staff should’ve been more prepared, considering how big of an event this is, and how many people are excited.
    (I think one of the biggest problems was giving an EXACT release date so soon and early. When I saw that in the newspaper, something didn’t feel right to me.)

    • Torres 126

      I mean, they did have server problems which took priority over in-game updates, so it’s not entirely their fault. But yes, perhaps the exact release date idea wasn’t the best one.

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