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CP Rewritten Wilderness Expedition Guide & PH Tracker

The Club Penguin Rewritten Wilderness Expedition has begun and we’ve got a complete guide to make sure you are able to obtain and complete everything which this party has to offer!

This manual tracker will be updated whenever the Puffle Handler logs on, though not when it’s in the middle of the night for me so it may miss a few sightings! News about a mascot visiting spreads quickly so don’t worry! We will also tweet when she logs on.

Tracker is no longer being updated – PH visited this party three times

Last recorded visit: 7:07am (PST) on Saturday 9th September (photo)

Update: All the bugs have been fixed and the party has been extended to September 13th

The adventure begins the Gift Shop, where the newest pin is hidden. Be sure to collect the Sleeping Bag Pin some point during this party! Currently there is a bug where the item isn’t available but this will hopefully be fixed soon!

The actual expedition begins at the Dock, though there are signs all around the island to take you there! Waddle over there and follow the sign into the maze.

You’ll arrive in the Glade where you can collect the free Expedition Hat. There’s also a note which can be read by clicking on it! Next move into the actual maze through the trees!

Each maze room is the same except for a minor detail to give you a clue on the route, but you may still need some help! Don’t worry, these are the directions to complete this route:

  1. Enter the maze
  2. Right
  3. Up
  4. Right
  5. Down
  6. Left
  7. Down
  8. Right

You’ll then arrive in this room which has a weird looking puzzle that you need to complete to reach the island’s sea! Simply follow the instructions on the image, clicking all the numbers (or throwing snowballs where it says to) in order until the target appears, starting with the plug on the left!

Once you’ve completed the puzzle, throw snowballs at the target to bring your transportation up to the cliff! Waddle into it and you will start to move downwards!

You’ll arrive where you will need to complete the next puzzle, building a boat! Follow the instructions in the image below, clicking each one or/and dragging it to where it needs to go in order to build the boat. The boat on the right is how it should look when it’s completed!

After a couple of tries, nothing except the note should remain and your boat will be built! Before you can sale though, you will need to buy a life jacket for 50 coins by clicking the note at the stand selling Life Jackets. I’ve heard of a bug where it stops you from buying one but it worked for me, so hopefully you’ll be able to buy one!

Wear your lifejacket and then enter the boat. You’ll sail out at sea for a few seconds! Please be aware that for now, the stamps for completing these activities are broken but they’ll hopefully be fixed soon! By the time you’re reading this, it might be fixed!

After a few seconds out at sea, your boat will dock on the other side of the island, a room called The Shore. There’s not really much to do here so just head on over into the Brown Puffle Cave.

At last you will arrive at the Brown Puffle Cave, the conclusion to your expedition out at sea! You can buy a Brown Puffle House for 500 coins, which is misleading since the sign says that they are free. This is probably just another bug which will be fixed soon!

Although the Brown Puffle will be coming to the Pet Shop after the party is over, if you’d like to adopt one now, you simply need to click the note from PH on the right of the brown puffle house. Click the “Adopt” button and name your puffle. Another issue is that many names aren’t working, but once again, this will be fixed soon!

That concludes all of the new things in this event, which ends on September 7th and the party after this one will be the Fall Fair! This Expedition does have a couple of bugs which hagrid has confirmed will be fixed soon! If not, they may already have been fixed!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news/guides and of course to get updated whenever PH is sighted.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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