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CP Rewritten: Furniture Catalog Secrets (September 2017)

There’s a new Better Igloos catalog out on Club Penguin Rewritten, containing furniture for school and for the Fall Fair! As always, I will be sharing the secrets and cheats inside the catalog. A circle represents there is a secret there and the item next to it is what the secret is!

On page one, the Feed Fluffy Trashcan, Cream Soda, Hay and Teddy Bear have been hidden! There’s also some cool other Fair-themed furniture.

Page two contains a lot of the back-to-school stuff! The Weathered Path, Chalkboard, Slushy Maker and HD TV have also been hidden on this page!

There are three more secrets on the third and final new page. These are the Wall Rack, the Clothes Rack and the Cash Register!

There’s also a new igloo out for this month called the Estate Igloo! Everyone can purchase it in the igloo catalog for 2500 coins!

That’s all or the secrets in the Furniture Catalog! If you’re looking for some more secrets and cheats for this month’s Penguin Style, click here. I hope this guide helped, thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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