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CP Rewritten: Penguin Style Secrets (September 2017)

After a short delay and a lot of excitement, the new clothing catalog is out on Club Penguin Rewritten, covering fashion for the Fair and more!

As always, I will be sharing the secrets and cheats inside the catalog! A circle represents there is a secret there and the item next to it is what the secret is.

On the first page, there are four secrets: the iconic Cow Costume, Big Bad Wool Hooves, Keep in Checks Look and Green Checkered shoes!

On the second page, there are five hidden items. These are the Flower Messenger Bag, the Red Paisley Bandana, the Layered Lavender Outfit, the Green Checkered Shoes (again) and the Red Viking Helmet, which when clicked three times turns blue!

The third page contains four other secrets, the Red Backpack, the Blue Backpack, the Lime Laptop and the Black Letterman Jacket!

Unfortunately, there are no new items in the Penguins at Work section and the Lifeguard items are still there for everyone to buy!

Update: You can now buy the Popcorn Box at the Penguins at Work section! Thanks to JuliaWildPaw for informing me of this!

I hope that this guide helped and if you’re looking for the secrets in the furniture catalog, you can click here. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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