CP Rewritten Times – Issue #29 (26/09/17)

Although the previous issue of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been cancelled, a new edition has been published, containing details on the Fair, future event information, tips, fan-art and more!

I would highly reccommend you read the paper online for the best experience but as always, I will try and summarise the information inside this edition!

Here’s some of the things revealed inside this week’s edition:

  • The Fair will be around until October 10th
  • Rockhopper has heard rumours of new stamps coming soon…
  • A new Penguin Style will be released on October 4th with new hoodie colours inside!
  • New igloo music tunes are released on October 4th
  • A new Better Igloos catalog is released on October 11th, containing spooky Halloween furniture!
  • The pin is out until October 13th, after which a new one will be released!

Inside the paper, there is also information on activities at the Fair, but you can read a more detailed guide on that here. I’m also very curious to know what these new stamps might be! Maybe Treasure Hunt will be returning? Be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides, thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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