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CP Rewritten: Storm Sneak Peek

As a celebration for hitting 1,000,000 users overnight (yay!), the team are planning something special for today, but they’ve also posted a sneak peek of something coming later in the year.

Rain on Club Penguin! My guess is that the Great Storm of 2008 will be mixed with the Halloween Party later this month, which means that there will be some slightly custom content with other spooky decorations and activities! 

I found this article in the Club Penguin Times that gives a bit more information of the storm during the Halloween Party, and it suggests lightning as well as the rain which Hagrid posted! 

I’m actually really excited to see the content for the rest of the year, and this Halloween Party sounds amazing! From the small image we’ve seen, I’m guessing it might be the best party yet, so I’m very excited! Stu also hinted at some of the other stuff coming to the Island in November!

I’m very excited, and I’ll definitely be posting more news when it’s published! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides! Thank you very much for reading.

Waddle on! 👻

-Torres 126 

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