CP Rewritten: Better Igloos/Furniture Catalog Secrets (November 2017)

A new Better Igloos catalog has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten, containing lots of EPF related furniture items in preparation of Operation Blackout later this month!

As always, I will show you where the hidden items of this catalog are located! The red circle indicates there is a secret there and the picture next to it is what the secret is.

Page one contains four hidden secrets: the Paw Print, the Security Camera, the Construction Sign and the HD TV.

Page two also contains four snow-related items: the Snow Wall, the Snow Tower, the Sloped Snow Wall and the Snow Arch.

Page three contains a further four hidden items, the Shiny Red Stove, the Shiny Red Fridge, the Fireplace and the Moose Head.

Update: Clicking the bottom line of the Red Deck Chair will unlock the Construction Pylon. Thank you very much Best King 58 for informing me of this! 

The new igloo this month is the Snowy Backyard Igloo, and you can also buy a Snowy Floor for your igloo! The Music List has also been updated containing some EPF tunes!


Page one:

  1. Containment Cell – 700 coins
  2. Emergency Light – 200 coins
  3. Boss Desk – 700 coins
  4. Short Security Laser – 200 coins
  5. Long Secuirty Laser – 300 coins
  6. Cardboard Herbert – 600 coins
  7. HD TV – 1000 coins
  8. Security Camera – 350 coins
  9. Construction Sign – 145 coins
  10. Paw Print – 50 coins

Page two:

  1. Snow Deck Chair – 400 coins
  2. Snow Chair – 150 coins
  3. Snow Couch – 300 coins
  4. Snow Clump – 40 coins
  5. Ice Table – 350 coins
  6. Penguin Ice Sculpture – 850 coins
  7. Snow Wall – 350 coins
  8. Sloped Snow Wall – 120 coins
  9. Snow Tower – 220 coins
  10. Snow Arch – 200 coins

Page three:

  1. Red Deck Chair – 400 coins
  2. Red Bookcase – 450 coins
  3. Red Coffee Table – 300 coins
  4. Red Plush Chair – 300 coins
  5. Red Couch – 500 coins
  6. Red Beanbag Chair – 350 coins
  7. Shiny Red Stove – 650 coins
  8. Shiny Red Fridge – 700 coins
  9. Fireplace – 1200 coins
  10. Moose Head – 2000 coins

Total: 14,175 coins

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! You can also find the clothing secrets guide here. Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


6 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Better Igloos/Furniture Catalog Secrets (November 2017)

  1. Oh hey, theres also a thing on the nose of the Herbert cutout. I forget exactly what it was but you might want to add that as well

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