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Club Penguin Island: Desktop Version & Concept Wall

Some huge news has been released today regarding a PC & Mac version of Club Penguin Island which has been confirmed to be coming next month, and there will also be an open beta for everyone to help discover bugs!

This is some huge news. Some other details released are that it will be a downloadable app (not a browser game) and that both mobile and desktop players will be able to play together! Also, your accounts will be linked so it does not matter which device you use!

From the image above, we can get a small feel as to how the desktop version will be like! We will be able to use our mouse or keys to move our penguin! However, not much else is known about desktop so far. We did get this picture though and it looks like the Desktop “Welcome Screen”.

Desktop is a huge addition to the game! Whilst my computer is unlikely to support it and I will still be playing on mobile, it means that there will be hopefully a lot more players to play with! That’s not all coming in the 1.8 update though.

The team have promised that the Winter Holiday Party will be even better than the Halloween Party! Also, there will be some new Frozen-related items in the Disney Shop. It also seems that “Island Live” will be a new revamp of the current CPI Phone.

There is, however, one huge thing I’d like to mention that isn’t specifically related to the 1.8 update and that is this concept wall here!

There’s a ton of different drawings, including a new shirt on the right and a huge sketch too! On the left, it seems that there are some designs for some epic furniture and for buildings! In fact, one of them even looks like a puffle, and I’ve got a whole post on the Puffle Wilds which you can read here.

There’s also a mysterious sketch of a pylon and what looks to be a new area! The Coffee Shop chair looks to be some new furniture, as well as there being some igloo location sketches!

The team mentioned a newsletter at the end of the video, but this isn’t available to all countries unfortunately. I’ve signed up for it and if I do receive any newsletters, I’ll be sure to post it here though! In the meantime, I’m really hyped for the 1.8 update next month!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Reggy04

    HI Torres ,
    great news, am I right? By the way, on the far left of the board, just when the camera goes to the checklist, you can see a drawing that looks exactly the same as the puffle Shop in 3D!
    And thank you for the newsletter. Can’t receive it in Germany sadly.

    • Torres 126

      Hi! Yeah, I saw that! I think that will be part of the Puffle Wilds where we will be able to get puffles, but we don’t know much about that! About the newsletter, it’s weird how it can only be received in certain countries, but I’ll be sure to post it. Thank you! 🙂

  • Perrythepal

    Is this real? Wow.

    I barely play CPR anymore, but I’ve been wanting to get back into Island for a while. I don’t have my own mobile device, so hopefully my laptop will be able to download this. (I got it earlier this year, so it’s fairly new.) This is big news, maybe since igloos are coming and this is happening CPI will be more successful.

    By the way, was a release date revealed for the desktop version?

    • Torres 126

      Haha, everything here is (well, maybe not on the 1st of April)! I’m glad you’ll be able to get a chance to play Club Penguin Island! An exact date has not been revealed, but it will be coming on the same day as the 1.8 update, which will be in early December. My guess is on the 6th, but that’s not confirmed!

  • Yegan Yeneran Yehaw

    Do you have a chrome pc? Or a Raspberry Pi or Linux? (Idk if Raspberry Pi and Linux can be transformed into a Mac or PC LOL cuz their coding PCS)

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