Club Penguin Rewritten: Card Jitsu Released 

Previously I shared a theory that Card Jitsu would be returning to Club Penguin Rewritten and as of today, the game has returned! There have been some major bug fixes to ensure everyone can join in the fun!

Currently, there are still some bugs regarding the Progress Bar and you must start a game using the mats, but these will hopefully be fixed soon. To begin the game, head to the Dojo and you will receive 24 cards! You will also be able to view your progress bar. 

No additional codes have been released yet so these are the maximum cards you can obtain. The rules to the game can be found on the wall, so I won’t mention them in this blog post! When you are ready, head to a mat along with another player to begin a game. 

Despite the bugs, the game works extremely well, and it’s possible to earn up your belts (which have been reset for everyone) and your stamps! It takes around eighty eight wins to earn your black belt, so it may take some time! 

This Christmas surprise is super cool and I’m very thankful to the team for their hard work on allowing us to play this game during the Holidays! Thank you very much for reading, good luck in becoming a ninja!

Waddle on! 

-Torres 126  


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