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CP Rewritten: 64.5 Million Coins Donated

The results from the Coins for Change event during the Christmas Party last year have been revealed, and they’re extremely high! 66,349,900 coins were donated, which is an enormous amount!

As for how it works, the team have shared receipts to prove that they have donated the money. Firstly, the game has an advert on the bottom of the playing screen. Some money has to be spent on maintaining Club Penguin Rewritten’s servers, so this is deducted from the sum. The rest of the money is then donated to charities in the percentage that we, the community, donated to with our virtual coins.  For example, if 70% of total coins donated when to protecting the environment, then 70% of the total money donated would be given to the WWF.

Lumos is the charity which was selected to help children in need, and is founded by the author of Harry Potter. 23,321,800 coins were donated to this charity, making up 36.16% of total coins donated.

Make-a-Wish was another charity selected to grant children something special all across the world, including medical aid. 21,978,600 coins were donated, which is 34.07% of total coins donated, meaning that 34.07% of Club Penguin Rewritten’s ad revenue will be donated to Make a Wish.

WWF is the organisation which was donated to in order to help protect the environment/Earth and the future of nature. 21,049,500 coins were donated to this cause, making up 32.63% of total coins donated.

This means that the revenue has been donated to the charities this way:

  • Lumos – 36.16%
  • Make a Wish – 34.07%
  • WWF – 32.63%

I find it incredibly generous and amazing for the Club Penguin Rewritten team to remain non-profit and donate their revenue! No matter how much money was donated, it will allow the world to be just a bit better than previously before, which is amazing!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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