Club Penguin Rewritten Times Issue #40 (12/12/17)

A new edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been published, containing information about the Christmas Party later this month!

Coins for Change will be taking place on the island, and money earnt from adverts will be donated to help real life causes! The team have revealed which charities will support which:

  1. Lumos – Helps children in need
  2. WWF – Helps support animals and the environment
  3. Make a Wish – Helps support children in need of medical assistance

Though I would suggest reading the paper for yourself for the best experience, some new information was released in the paper!

  • The Migrator arrives and Rockhopper will start visiting the island today (December 13th)
  • New postcards are also out today
  • Coins for Change begins today
  • The Ice Rink returns today
  • The Advent Calendar begins tomorrow, December 14th
  • The Christmas Party begins December 20th and ends January 3rd
  • There will be new decorations, gifts and activities in the Christmas Party
  • Something exciting will happen in the Dance Lounge of the Christmas Party
  • A new pin will be hidden on December 20th

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


CP Rewritten Times – Issue #39 (Coins for Change)

A brand new edition of the Club Penguin Times has been released, containing a lot of information about Coins for Change, a new “Dig out the Island” event, upcoming catalogs and more!

For the best experience, I would suggest reading the paper online but I will share with you most of the very exciting news mentioned in the paper!

Here are some of the updates coming tomorrow, December 6th. Please be aware there is no exact time for when the new content is released!

  • A “Dig out the Island” event begins tomorrow (December 6th) to clear the island off snow caused by Herbert’s plans
  • A new pin is released tomorrow until December 20th
  • A new play is released tomorrow
  • A new Penguin Style, Better Igloos & Igloos Upgrade catalog is released tomorrow (sneak peek)

However, there also was a lot of information about things coming even later in the month, which are super exciting!

  • Rockhopper returns on December 13th
  • Coins for Change will take place between December 13th and December 17th

It’s true! Coins for Change, despite Rewritten being non-profit, will take place! Some of the money made via adverts will be donated to real life charities, which is amazing!

I can’t wait for the updates this month, thank you very much for reading! Be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126