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CP Rewritten: Mascots Expected to visit the Anniversary

A moderator, Wicked Wickz, has revealed more information about mascots regarding Club Penguin Rewritten! Upon being asked if “mascots are expected to come”, she responded by saying “Yes”.

As such, it seems very likely that in the next three days due to the Anniversary Party, there will be opportunities to meet some different mascots!

Update: Wicked has confirmed to me that the following two paragraphs were not meant to hit anything and doesn’t have any relation to mascots visiting. However, I believe the title of the post is still accurate.

Wicked also said that she would be the mascot, which suggests that the mascot timings have been balanced out to allow different people from all over the world a chance to meet a mascot! This is because Wicked Wickz is Australian, so it is likely a mascot will visit for a suitable time zone for Australia!

She also said that the “party would start when she waddles in”. This could be a joke, but I felt like sharing this as it could suggest that a mascot will be visiting immediately at the start of the event, especially since it seems that Wicked will be controlling the mascots. Along with this, she also confirmed Aunt Arctic will have a “special background” earlier today.

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to view our mascot trackers for an increased chance in meeting a special penguin during the Anniversary!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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