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CP Rewritten: Rockhopper’s Rare Items Migrator – May 2018

View the Rockhopper tracker here

The Migrator has docked on Club Penguin Rewritten at the Beach! It contains a new selection of rare items and the return of the noticeboard, but in order to access this, you will need Rockhopper’s key.

If you’ve not already obtained the key, head to the Book Room and read the “Journal of Captain Rockhopper”. You will find the key on the last page so you can explore all the Migrator!

Rockhopper’s Rare Items have been updated for this month, and can be found by clicking the bottom right icon at the Ship Hold!

Everyone can receive a pair of Pirate Boots for free, or purchase the Tricorn Hat for 250 coins or the Sailor’s Shirt for 150 coins! There is also a furniture item which is the Porthole, and they cost 160 coins each. There are no secrets here.

Along with this, the Notice Board has returned, but sadly you can’t view anything. There haven’t been any noticeable updates to this area either.

Treasure Hunt has not been added yet, however the team revealed that they are working on adding it! It isn’t exactly confirmed whether it will mean that we can play Treasure Hunt whilst the Migrator is currently docked, or if we will have to wait a few months.

That concludes everything on the Migrator, though there are many cool decorations across the ship to explore! Since the Migrator is docked, Rockhopper will also be visiting the island, and you can view a tracker for him here.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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