CP Rewritten Times – Issue #54: Medieval Party

The 54th edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been released, revealing more information on the Medieval Party, discussing the grey puffle stone statue and more!

For the best experience, I would suggest reading the paper online but I will try and summarise all the new information revealed in the paper!

Here is what was revealed in the paper:

  • The Medieval Party lasts from 23rd – 30th May
  • There will be a maze underground with some sort of reward
  • It is rumoured that there will be a dragon…potentially Scorn, but this is not confirmed

  • In case you are not aware, it is extremely likely that the grey puffle will be coming to Club Penguin Rewritten
  • There have been rumours of the grey puffle stone statue coming to life
  • You can read more about this statue here 

  • Tomorrow (May 16th) a new: Penguin Style, Furniture Catalog & Igloo catalog will be released, along with a new igloo music selection
  • A new pin will be hidden on May 23rd
  • The Puffle Party ends tomorrow

I’m very excited for the Medieval Party, especially since it seems there will be a lot of adventure and a lot to explore! Hopefully, the grey puffle will come to the game soon too!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides! Waddle on!

-Torres 126

2 thoughts on “CP Rewritten Times – Issue #54: Medieval Party

  1. Not this penguin times but the last one with the puffles there was a hint of a grey puffle in it.

    unfortunately i don’t have proof but i guess im the only one that saw it

    • There have been several hints to the grey puffle, and PH basically confirmed it would come eventually, but yes, you are right! I believe you are referring to thing about the stone puffle, which I think is designed to foreshadow the grey puffle! 😀

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