CP Rewritten: 101 Days of Fun – Day #10

Day ten of “101 Days of Fun” can now be completed on Club Penguin Rewritten! This is the activity for today, June 21st:

It’s flag day! Wear your flag’s pin for an entire day!

In order to obtain a flag pin, head to the Gift Shop and flick to the final page of items of the Penguin Style. You’ll find a range of flag pins, and you can buy them at 20 coins each! Pick whichever one you like, it doesn’t make a difference.

To wear your flag pin:

  1. Click on your penguin
  2. Open your inventory
  3. Click “All Items”
  4. Hover over “Other Items”
  5. Click “Pins/Flags”
  6. Choose the flag pin which you want to wear

Your flag pin will then appear on the top left (thanks Jonrad!) corner of your playercard!

If a staff member sees you wearing this pin, you could be rewarded with 1001 coins, so good luck completing this activity!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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