CP Rewritten: 101 Days of Fun – Day #14

Day fourteen of “101 Days of Fun” can now be completed on Club Penguin Rewritten! This is the activity for today, June 25th:

Touring around! Start at the Town & give a tour around the island. Show everything to do at the Music Jam!

Firstly, start a tour at the Town and announce that you’ll be offering one across the island! You could alternatively join one.

Next, you’ll need to tour people around the island. Here are some ideas which might appeal to you that you can use throughout the tour.

You could show all the items available at the party to others.

Alternatively, you could feature the rooms of the party. Perhaps even the locations to all of the records in Cadence’s Record Hunt.

If you’re looking for information on this yourself, check out this guide here. You will then have completed today’s activity, and a staff member will give you 1001 coins if they see you!

Also, you’ll know if you get the coins as a pop-up will appear informing you if the coins have been added to your account.

Thank you very much for reading, good luck with the activity!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


2 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: 101 Days of Fun – Day #14

  1. Do you think you could write a post about what stamps are currently broken? I’ve been looking for a page with a list and one doesn’t currently exist, so if you did it that would be really helpful!

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