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Club Penguin Rewritten: Music Jam – FULL GUIDE

This party has now ended

The Music Jam is out now on Club Penguin Rewritten until July 4th, and it is packed with new stuff! This post will provide a guide to the items, Cadence’s Record Hunt, stamps and more!

Six mascots are confirmed to visit and all already have at least once. You can view trackers for them here:

View “Phase 2” of the party here


Firstly, you can pick up the Top Hat Pin at the Pizza Parlor! It is located on the pizza oven and it is the pin for the next two weeks.

At the Snow Forts, you can purchase a selection of items by clicking the “Shirts Rock” booth on the bottom left. It is highly recommended you buy the “All Access Pass” as that will unlock more rooms and items, but there are plenty of other cool items!

Once you have the All Access Pass which can be brought at the Snow Forts, head to the Dock and just beneath the Backstage sign, you can enter a new room. There’s an Instrument Catalog here too!

There, you can collect a Music Swirl T-Shirt.

You can obtain the Boombox for free by heading to the Night Club, going up the stairs to the Dance Lounge and then heading to the Rooftop.

Please be aware you will need an All-Access Pass to enter here too (see above on how to obtain one)!

You can also collect (for free) the Music Jam Cap at the Cove.

Also, the Music Jam T-Shirt can be obtained on the right at the Plaza.

Lastly, there is a new code which can be redeemed. In order to do this, on the server selection page, click “Unlock Items Online” on the top right and then click “I’ve got a Code”. You can then enter this code: MUSICJAM18

As a result, you will receive a really cool guitar!

UPDATE:ย A new code was released on July 2nd. View it here.

Cadence’s Record Hunt

Please be aware you will need the All-Access Pass to complete this hunt (see above on how to get one) but you can then finish this amazing hunt for a reward!

The first record can be found at the Backstage inside the couch. This room is accessible from the Dock by clicking the “VIP Only” sign.

The second record is hidden behind the Cowboy Hat at the Forest, and whilst it might be difficult to see, it’s the blue thing just behind the hat!

The third record is located at the Beach on the right of buoy six and by the grey fish, next to the Lighthouse.

The fourth record is located at the Snow Forts. You can find it by clicking the “O” in “Rock Rink”, and it is located on the top.

The fifth record is located at the Pizza Parlor in the middle frame behind the cashier. I accidentally already clicked it before taking this photo, but it should be a red record!

The sixth record can be found at the Plaza by clicking the left (from our view) eye of the glasses which the pizza is wearing.

The seventh and final record is at the Beacon and it can be found just behind the light and near Jet Pack Adventure.

Once you have found all the records, click the record on the top right of the screen and then click “Claim Prize”. You will then be able to obtain your reward!

The reward for completing this hunt is the Black MP3000.

Dance Contest

Something never before seen has made its way to Club Penguin Rewritten – Dance Contest stamps! These are a variety of difficulties, including Insanity, and you can find them in your stampbook (you might need to clear cache).

The stamps are:

  • Bust a Move – Get a combo of 50
  • Starting Out – Dance to one song
  • Star Puffle – Bring your (purple) puffle to the dance floor
  • Raise the Roof – Get a combo of 100
  • A Perfect Run – Get an A on medium (thanks Jonrad) difficulty (currently broken)
  • Disco Throwdown – Dance to three songs in a row
  • Don’t Stop Movin‘ – Get an A on hard difficulty (currently broken)
  • Dancing Machine – Dance to five songs in a row
  • Pure Ice! – Get an A on extreme difficulty (currently broken)

There is also a new song which can be played in Dance Contest: The Party Starts Now! Both of these changes are absolutely fantastic and seem amazing!

Here are some guides to catalogs which may interest you:

Even more excitingly, next Thursday, there will be some more new things at the Music Jam, so be sure to check back for that! Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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