CP Rewritten: Treasure Hunt Bugs to be Fixed

As you may know, Treasure Hunt recently released on Club Penguin Rewritten, which is a fun game, although it does have a couple of bugs.

The most notable so far is that the stamps don’t work yet, but this is confirmed to be fixed this week. There are a few others which the team also said they will fixed soon:

  • Spectating glitches out sometimes with a broken board along with “NaN” coins
  • Sometimes treasure (coins, rubies etc.) overlap
  • More sandboxes will be added (see more)
  • Sparkling in the sand before the game begins
  • Rare gems will become “rarer”
  • Weird font errors?
  • (And the stamps)

These will likely be fixed next week! Talking of Treasure Hunt, a bit more detail was released on when we will be able to play the game.

Treasure Hunt only comes 3 times a year

hagrid, Club Penguin Rewritten

This is because Treasure Hunt will only be available to play when the Migrator is docked, which generally happens once every three of four months.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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