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CP Rewritten: Penguin Style Guide – August 2018

A new Penguin Style has been released for August, likely hinting at the Great Snow Race coming this month as it is filled with sports items, such as skis!

It’s a really cool catalog, and this post will be provide a guide/cheat to it, containing all the secrets! Each red circle means that there’s a secret there and the picture next to it is the item. I’d also like to thank Best King 58 and Lunax for helping me with some of the secrets!

Page one contains the Toboggan Suit, which can be found by clicking the black bit below the blue penguin’s arm. It also contains the Spot-on Snowsuit, found by clicking strap of the green penguin, and the Rad Helmet, found by clicking the green square next to two black ones on the blue penguin. Another variation is on the collar of the left penguin.

Page two contains the Summit Boots, found by clicking the highest bit of the second tree. Clicking the yellow penguin’s left (from your vision) knot on his foot will unlock the Gnarly Helmet, and clicking the black spot on the pink penguin’s pocket will unlock the Fuzzy Boots.

Page three contains the Pastel Suede Jacket, found by clicking the highest blue dot on the sleeve of the red penguin’s arm. It also contains a hoodie found by clicking the orange bit of the purple penguin’s purse.

Clicking the lace of the blue penguin unlocks the Viking Helmet, and if you click this secret three times, you will find the Blue Viking Helmet.

That concludes the secrets for the August section of the clothing catalog, but there’s also something really cool, along with new backgrounds!

If you flick a few pages down, you’ll find the Penguins at Work outfit which is the Rescue Outfit, and next to that is the Lavender Cape. This item will only be available in this catalog and will never return again!

If you’re still interested in seeing guides to other bits of the catalog, please refer to these links:

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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