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CP Rewritten: Underwater Adventure (Stage Play) 

A new play has been released at the Stage for the rest of this month, Underwater Adventure! It’s got an amazing set, items, music and even a pin!

Firstly, head over to the Stage accessible from the Plaza to check out this awesome set.

The first thing you do is pick up the Mermaid Shell Pin which is located on the right of the set. This is one of my favourite pins, and hasn’t been available for a while!

As always with each new stage play, a new Costume Trunk has been released, filled with outfits varying from fishes to mermaids and even lobsters! There are no secrets in this catalog.

That concludes what’s available at the Underwater Adventure play, but there’s also an awesome script which you can act out!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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