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Club Penguin Rewritten: August Party Prediction

Please note that this post is entirely speculation

Feel free to skip some of this post, as it’s just a prediction as what could be coming! I’m also going to try and avoid posting spoilers of things that have not already been on or revealed by Club Penguin Rewritten, but this is not news.

Let’s start with what we do know about August’s party, as this is official news which has already been confirmed:

  • It’s going to be better than the Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper’s Quest
  • August itself, and likely the party, is going to be sports related
  • Based on the catalog & newspaper, it’s likely going to involve skiing

The most obvious party which comes to mind when related to sports is the Penguin Games, which is a party from classic Club Penguin. However, that’s nowhere near as good as the previous party we just had, and there wasn’t much skiing involved.

For that reason, a lot of the community has agreed on one prediction: it’s likely the Great Snow Race. However, there is a slight problem.

Mountain Expedition – February 2017

A huge part of this party was Operation Hibernation, a mission in which EPF agents successfully captured Herbert. That may sound familiar because it occurred in February 2017, as part of the Mountain Expedition, and so did the quest to stop him. It’d be extremely rare for an operation to return.

This was a key element in the Great Snow Race, so there might be something else planned instead. When commenting on whether or not there’ll be custom elements, Joee said:

Who knows?

Therefore, it does seem fairly likely there’ll be some custom (exclusive to Club Penguin Rewritten) elements of the party. Here’s my pretty wild prediction: it’ll be the custom HQ.

We already know that the EPF and PSA are very close to being rebuilt, that’s evident by looking at the room! It’s also very likely the custom EPF HQ will be used. Could it be that it’ll be coming to the island this month?

Custom EPF HQ concept

Talking of custom things, could the grey puffle (which has been hinted on the island, by mascots and through the paper) also be coming? It was revealed that the grey puffles are associated with Card Jitsu, which is related to mountains, and this party is heavily connected to mountains.

Huge custom elements like this could truly make this party stand out, even better than last year! I find it a lot more likely that the EPF HQ could be rebuilt rather than the grey puffles though. However, what else suggests that the party will be the Great Snow Race?

The catalog has always given a fantastic indication of parties! In regards to classic Club Penguin, a lot of it is based around August 2011, the same month as the Great Snow Race. Skis, warm clothing and more, it does seem themed around it!

But there are two things which could suggest it isn’t this party:

  1. We’ve already completed Operation Hibernation, which was a big part of this party
  2. Is it really better than the previous party, which had lots of decorations, adventures and fun?

Perhaps it’ll even be a combination of two parties, only time will tell! I’m curious though, what are you hoping and expecting the August party to be?

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Mike (@mikestille_)

    I’m thinking that it could be a mix of two parties: the Great Snow Race and the Card-Jitsu Party, both originally from 2011. This mix would lead to the introduction of a new element (water or fire, i don’t think snow will come this early in the game) but i honestly have no idea of how this could work. If they do manage to do this, I really think it could be an outstanding party.

  • DomiDsLP (@DomiDsLP)

    I would say that it might be a mixture of the Penguin Games, the Great Snow Race (and perhaps even the Sports Party) + custom stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I think it does have something to do with Herbert and how that it is the great snow race but instead of it going great Herbert tried to mess with it and stuff. the reason I say this is because of the rescue squad outfits in the catalog and that penguins are gonna get hurt cause of Herbert’s plan and thats why they have the rescue squad!!

  • RedElectric3

    I believe that the party is going to have something to do with the dojo. I think that during this party they will be adding the fire element to the dojo hideout and adding the grey puffle. There are two reasons I believe the grey puffle is coming soon.
    1. The developers of Club Penguin Rewritten are known to add custom items, so why not a custom puffle.
    2. If you stand in the dojo courtyard for a few minutes, you will see one of the puffle statues move. I believe that might be the entrance to a secret room, where the grey puffles are hiding.

    • Torres 126

      Yes, there’s already been some concept art revealed of the grey puffle from when CPR closed. The only reason I could think of why they haven’t added it is that the artist who made it was fired. However, it’s been hinted a lot through the statue, rooms, paper and even by PH’s words, so I agree with you!

      Also, Card Jitsu Fire coming this month would be amazing, and is definitely a possibility!

  • :)

    I think it is definitely going to have a lot of custom parts; even some of the backgrounds for the party in the catalog are custom.

  • yoyoo7

    maybe the team relized that making huge things like opertion hibernation and opertion blackout in the first year was unwise

    • Torres 126

      Maybe, the team did seem to go almost all out last year in terms of parties! There’s still plenty left which haven’t taken place yet, and hopefully lots of other stuff planned! 😃

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