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Club Penguin Rewritten: The Fair 2018 – FULL GUIDE

This Fair 2018 is now over

The Fair is on Club Penguin Rewritten now, and it’s packed with lots of new activities, games to play and prizes to win! This post will offer a complete guide to everything at the party!

Rockhopper is the only mascot visiting the island for The Fair, and you can view his tracker here.


A new code has also been released for The Fair! IF you use the code FALLFAIR18, you’ll receive a cool multi-coloured T-Shirt!

Update: A new code was recently added. Learn more

To redeem a code, click “Unlock Items Online” on the top right of the server selection page and then click “I’ve got a code!”, before entering your code.

Pins & Items

The Snowcone Pin is located at the Coffee Shop, but it is a bit of a challenge to obtain it! You need to throw a few snowballs into the top of the machine (circled in the picture below), and then wait a bit as a reaction takes place. After a few seconds, the pin will come out and you simply need to click it to be able to obtain it!

You can also obtain the Cotton Candy Pin (thanks Guysie!) in the booth at the Forest, but I’ll give more details on that soon! Also, feel free to get the Milkshake Pin. (Learn more on the Milkshake Pin)

Head over to the Ski Village and click the camera on the bottom right! You will be able to obtain the “Step Right Up” background for doing so! This is the only free item in this party. You might already have it from last year though!


Memory Card Game:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: Find matching pairs in the fewest number of tries to earn the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Ring the Bell:

  • Location: Dock
  • Instructions: When the hammer is in the centre, click your mouse and hold it until it is as green as it can get!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Low (Max: 25 – however you can get many in just a few seconds)

Puffle Shuffle:

  • Location: Dock
  • Instructions: Puffles will float around under a hat, and you need to watch which one moves underneath which hat!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Medium

Balloon Pop:

  • Location: Area accessible from the Snow Forts
  • Instructions: Use the fan to blow your puffle’s balloon into the targets, so that the targets hit the cactus!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Low (I always found it difficult, but you may not!)

Puffle Soaker:

  • Location: Area accessible from the Snow Forts
  • Instructions: Use the space bar to shoot water, making sure you hit the puffles and not the penguins. Also use the down button to duck when objects are thrown at you!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Medium

Puffle Paddle:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: The famous Puffle Paddle! Use your paddle to make sure that your puffle does not fall, but be aware that it gets more tricky as you will have to balance puffles simultaneously to get the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High


  • Location: Cove
  • Instructions: Try and blast O’Berries into as many puffle’s mouthes as possible, but be aware that it will get harder as the game goes along!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Tickets can be earnt in mini-games to achieve prizes! There are two stand locations, the Forest and the Great Puffle Circus. Available are items, igloos, pins and backgrounds!

The other new thing which can be found is “Global Prizes”, which can be accessed by clicking your tickets button in the top right corner. As everyone earns more tickets, we’ll get closer to new rewards, until eventually we can get the Circus Tent!

Please note you need to click your reward to claim it!

The Great Puffle Circus has returned with lots of humorous stuff, and Rockhopper has also docked on the island! However, that concludes most of the information on The Fair, though there’s still some amazing decorations to check out.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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