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CP Rewritten: Treasure Book Available Tomorrow

The Treasure Book is going to be coming to Club Penguin Rewritten tomorrow during the Devcast stream!

The stream is going to start at 1PM PST tomorrow, but I’ll make a post on it when it’s released and recap the highlights. Screenhog is joining the stream too which is amazing! The team also gave the following sneak peek of the book:

In terms of how you can redeem it, that requires paying money to the Club Penguin Rewritten team who will then forward all money to Make-a-Wish. Donation will also be open 24 hours after the stream. You’ll then receive 3 items:

To get a code all you have to do is donate £5 or more to Make a Wish during the stream and we will send you a postcard with your code. You won’t get a code if you donate before the stream.

For those who are unable to donate, don’t worry as there are going to be more chances in the future to get access to the treasure book, we’ll also have some smaller prizes if we reach certain donation goals. There’s much more to tell, but we’ll reveal that information closer to the livestream.

-Joee, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

Although this is a really cool way to raise money for a great cause, I can’t stress enough, please always get your parents/guardians to donate – not yourselfAlthough there’ll be future opportunities to get items from the Treasure Book without donating, seriously please bare in mind you need to be eighteen or over to operate a PayPal account, so that likely might mean needing your parents/guardians to donate for you if you wish to do so.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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