CP Rewritten Times: Issue #80 – Lighthouse Shirt

A new edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been released, containing details on Card Jitsu Fire and the Beacon’s reconstruction, even offering a chance to purchase a Lighthouse Shirt!

For the best experience, I’d suggest reading the paper for yourself online, but as always, I will try and summarise the news.

This paper revealed:

  • Card Jitsu Fire is definitely coming soon! “General construction” will continue later today at the Ninja Hideout, and the Fire Scavenger Hunt will also end today
  • A new stage play and a new postcard selection will be released later today
  • A new pin will be hidden on November 22nd

Also, it’s worth pointing out that in the newspaper, you can receive a Lighthouse Shirt for 500 coins by clicking the “Donate” button. It runs as part of the storyline of rebuilding the Beacon!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


19 thoughts on “CP Rewritten Times: Issue #80 – Lighthouse Shirt

  1. Finally an old school revamped Club Penguin event and a old-school almost-free-item in Club Penguin Rewritten! I was just wondering when I saw another pre-2009 itens that I like so much again, and that striped shirt is so simply beautiful to me! And I love the new lore to get it. I really miss this Club Penguin age and want so bad to have events and parties from that golden years!

  2. Torres have you seen that getting the blacksmith apron cant be get in chrome and that you will need to chamge a different browser

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