CP Rewritten: Ways to Earn Medals Soon

As part of the recent update, the team fixed a bug where a random number of medals would somehow be awarded to your EPF spy phone.

It’s currently a bit tricky to earn medals since Field-Ops haven’t been available for over a year. They were very useful for buying Elite Gear and contributed to stamps!

There will be [presumably different] ways to earn medals in the upcoming weeks

-Joee, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

It really does seem like, especially with us receiving a message from Gary, that the EPF rebuild will be really soon!

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


12 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Ways to Earn Medals Soon

  1. I have a question, in the image you’re showing we can see that the TECH and STEALTH tabs are unlocked, I don’t have them unlocked, is there anything I should do?

  2. At one point a few months ago there was a glitch which allowed me to get 45 medals per psa mission so it would stack up like this: 4545454545 and i was able to get all the equipment until recently they reset my medals to 0 but luckily i got all of the costumes.

  3. When the EPF returns, do you think Dot will visit to celebrate and Herbert to grumble/complain? AA is another possibility but she is confirmed to appear at the Anniversary Party, so I doubt she’d come to both (unless both happened simultaneously. Now that would be lit).

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