CP Rewritten: Medieval Login Screen

The Medieval Party is due to hit the island on July 25th for two weeks, with construction starting now across Club Penguin Rewritten, from the Ski Village to the Town!

However, perhaps the most exciting element revealed today is the new login screen, which seems to depict a knight, a wizard and a dragon…except not Scorn.

Perhaps it could be the Dragon Queen which Gary mentioned in the recent newspaper, but only time will tell. Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

5 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Medieval Login Screen

  1. I noticed in the login screen that the knight has a blue thing on his helmet instead of red, do you think that this could be a new item?

  2. Since construction is currently going on throughout certain areas of Club Penguin, is the Construction stamp working? If so, how do I obtain it?

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