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CP Rewritten: Rookie’s Cream Soda Giveaway

View Rookie tracker here

Rookie made his first appearance today, and was tracked by the tracker, on the server Snow Avalanche (incidentally, the first ever safe chat server mascot visit) and had a new background themed for the April Fools Party! It’s called the Cream Soda Giveaway.



Congratulations if you met him, but don’t worry if you didn’t as there will be plenty of visits to come, so good luck next time then!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Why do these mascots keep on coming on at the same time? For the last few Dot visits it was the same time and now Rookie comes on at the same time. They should really change it up to give others a chance cuz not everyone can be on at that time.

    • Torres 126

      It’s true that most mascot visits tend to be around this time. I’m not sure there’s a specific reason why – most staff are around the GMT timezone, if that makes a difference – but I think there’s an active effort to try and spread out mascot times. 🙂

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