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CP Rewritten: Penguin Play Awards 2020 – Full Guide

The Penguin Play Awards are currently on Club Penguin Rewritten until May 7th, where you can vote for your favourite Stage plays! It brings a variety of costumes and outfits, all of which will be covered in this guide.

In the past, Aunt Arctic and the entire Penguin Band visited for this event. Aunt Arctic is visiting, and her tracker can be found here. Other trackers can be found here.


There’s a huge load of items available at this event! The first thing you may notice is that at the top right of your screen, you can access a new interface through the awards icon.

Each day, at midnight PST, a new item (though there’s some coins on day 6) will available through this interface.

There is an additional dialog available through at the bottom right of the Town and Plaza. You can buy a variety of items in eight different colours.

There’s also three secrets in this catalog: the White Bowtie, the White Dress Shoes and The Majesty hairstyle.

There are an additional two items hidden across the island through, each for free:

  1. The Press Hat can be found at the left of the Dock
  2. The Video Camera can be found Backstage, which is accessible at the right of the Stage

If you use the camera, you will also perform a cool action. In order to do this, ensure that you are wearing only the Video Camera, which is a hand item, and then wave by pressing “W” on your keyboard.


Along with these items, the Costume Trunk in the Stage has a huge variety of outfits! A couple of them have secrets too:

  • Page 1: The Penguin Awards Background can be found by clicking the award in the logo
  • Page 3: The Lobster Costume can be found by clicking telescope of the submarine in the logo
  • Page 5: The Squidzoid costume can be found by clicking the “VS” in the logo

Note: the costumes for Shadow Guy VS Gamma Gal also have some really cool effects when wearing only them then waving.


In this party, there are five short videos which can be watched at the Stage. These are similar to short trailers for each of the plays part of these awards. These plays are:

  1. Fairy Fables
  2. Underwater Adventure
  3. Ruby and the Red Ruby
  4. Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
  5. The Penguins That Time Forgot

Upon deciding which play you like the most, you can cast your votes in the Plaza. The five categories are for the best:

  • Play
  • Set
  • Music
  • Special Effects
  • Costumes.

Simply click the boxes for which play you think deserves to win! These are the plays which I voted for and the results will be revealed on the April 30th.

Voting has concluded and the results have been released! View them here, but spoiler: Ruby and the Red Ruby won a landslide.

There’s a few other things decorated, such as the Pizza Parlor, but there is one more thing specifically I’d like to point out: the Limo! It was one of my favourite things from classic Club Penguin’s Hollywood Party as you could sit in it and move across the island.

It works the same way here; the Limo will appear at either the Town, Snow Forts or Plaza after some time, and you can waddle it to be “driven” through that route.

It was a very nice touch seeing that added to the island! That concludes this guide for now – I hope that it helped!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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