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CP Rewritten: Penguin Band Being “Saved”

During the last Penguin Play Awards, the Penguin Band made regular appearances along with Aunt Arctic. So far, only Aunt Arctic has made visits to the island, so there’s been intense speculation on whether or not the band will join her.

Earlier today, the team addressed this rumour with a very vague answer: “we’re saving them [the Penguin Band]”.

There’s a couple of possibilities on what this could mean, and here’s the two I suspect are most likely:

  1. The Penguin Band could be visiting at the later stages of the party
  2. A Music Jam is rapidly approaching, and the Penguin Band could instead visit for that

I felt that was worth sharing though as I know many have been curious about them appearing! Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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