Mountains Monday,  Real Life Photo

Club Penguin's Star Wars Lightsaber

As usual for today’s Mountains Monday post, I’ll be sharing a photo of something. I’m not quite sure where today’s is from; I found it in the Media Library from several years ago, and I can’t find it online elsewhere, which is why it has a watermark!

It’s a rather exclusive photo of a lightsaber, following the Star Wars Takeover, and has Club Penguin branding on it. My understanding based on an older post of mine is that this item was offered to every team member in the UK office in Brighton.

This is probably one of the rarer pieces of Club Penguin merchandise; it was never sold, and this seems to be the only image left of it online. I wish I had more information to share, but it’s difficult to find! I did think that this was a cool photo worth posting again though.

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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