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CP Rewritten – HTML5: Pet Shop & Iceberg Released

I’ve been pretty torn on whether or not I should post updates regarding Club Penguin Rewritten’s HTML5 version, also known as #CPR2020, but I think that I’ll make a post whenever something significant is released in regards to gameplay, such as a new feature or room. Generally, several smaller updates are released frequently, and the team tend to release a list of all changes, but most of them are minor.

Earlier today, a slightly larger update was released! Emotes are now available to use, and the Iceberg and Pet Shop can now also been visited.

To give you an idea of the amount of work being done, and why I can’t do a post for each update, here’s a list of updates so far since Sunday in lists released by the team:

  • Penguin size is now smaller.
  • Playercard doll items now fade-in when loaded.
  • Some UI elements such as the Playercard are loaded before penguin clothing to allow you to access them quicker.
  • Penguin clothing sprites now load in a queue.
  • Fixed infinite loading for dynamic interface elements.
  • The login screen received security improvements.
  • Settings menu now displays the correct server you are currently on.
  • Playercard stamps button now acts like a proper button.
  • Penguin waddling has been made framerate independent to prevent super-speed penguins on some devices.
  • Snowballs have been made framerate independent with increased throw speed.
  • Chat dock now only allows certain characters and emojis.
  • Playercard no longer opens when throwing snowball at a penguin.
  • Fixed room triggers and login issues.
  • Improved performance with clothing sprite synchronization & minor bug fixes.
  • Playercard sort->other menu only shows when hovered over.
  • Fixed some room triggers.
  • Player nicknames don’t show behind sprites.
  • Town disco stars are now off to save energy while they’re not being used.
  • Clothing sprite and inventory loading has been optimized and infinite inventory loading has been fixed.
  • Added emotes!
  • Added Playercard ribbon.
  • Added Iceberg and Pet Shop (puffles have not been added).
  • Hovering over a button now shows a tooltip.
  • Improved graphics quality for the Town.
  • Settings menu now shows your penguin age.
  • Music from a previous room will no longer play after it’s unmuted in another room.
  • Interface now resets when you switch rooms.
  • Penguins can no longer sit while moving.
  • Clock tower target now works.

As you can tell, that’s quite a lot, and making a post for each one would be neither helpful nor easy! So, I’ll try to use my judgement in filtering the important stuff, and maybe do a weekly round-up of all the minor updates. I also recognise most people will probably be interested in the current Flash version, and will bear that in mind!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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