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CP Rewritten: Fair Delay Statement

The Fair shall be releasing soon on Club Penguin Rewritten! However, as you may be aware, there have been understandable complications with updates this month, particularly as an administrator suffers medical issues.

Last night, the team released a statement about the delay, and I just wanted to share it for those who missed it.

We are excited to release The Fair for everyone and we hope that it lives up to the expectations that we’ve been putting out. Please keep in mind that this is a big update with many rooms that have been changed up for the sky and more.

As we work on testing things, we must urge players to be patient with us as we work on releasing. As always, the party will be releasing no matter what, but timings can be off as we try and get back into the swing of things due to developer sickness.

The Fair Party will be lasting for two-weeks, during that time, we will have a week-two content drop which includes more Fair prizes. During this, we will also be working on our October content to make sure everything is ready on time. We understand our schedule is quite messy at the current moment with the Fair lasting until early October, however, this was definitely the right choice for us as we had complications IRL [in-real-life].

We will be making sure our schedule is back to normal in October, thank you again.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

I’ve highlighted the bit related to in-game content which confirms that there’ll be additional content for the second week of The Fair! I’ll be sure to keep you updated with anything else that the team reveals.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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