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Club Penguin Rewritten: Halloween Party 2020 – Full Guide

The Halloween Party has taken over the island on Club Penguin Rewritten, and it’s a particularly spooky event with lots to explore! This post will provide a full guide to the party, from the transformations to collecting candy.

Both DJ Maxx and Gary will be visiting with new backgrounds, and you can find their trackers here and here respectively.

Monster Maker

The Monster Maker contains a ton of Halloween costumes, and there’ll be more for the second week of the party! In order to access it, you need to head to the Book Room, where there’ll be a passage in the bookcase.

You’ll then access the Monster Maker 3000! It’s an impressive room, but the thing to note is that there’s a catalog which can be accessed by clicking the bottom right of your screen.

There are no hidden items in this catalog, but there are multiple pages, so be sure not to miss anything out!

Pumpkin Head Item

There is a free item that can be found at the Haunted House! You can access this room from the Mine Shack or the Forest and entering the building. The free item is the Pumpkin Head Item.

I think the images make this more clear, so here you go!

Candy Hunting

Let me just briefly explain how candy hunting works: essentially, you can find candy across the island (see below) and these can be exchanged for prizes, which are items. You can access the items by clicking the candy icon at the top right of your screen.

There’s effectively two main ways to find candy. Firstly, in the main outdoor rooms, there’ll be three different pieces of candy hidden every couple of minutes. These will always be pink, orange and light blue, and they’ll always be in the same location.

For example, at the Dock, you can find them here. Please remember though that the candies will change the rooms that they’re present in every few minutes – so check all around the outdoor main rooms!

Searching around the island is one way to get candy, but the other is by visiting igloos. Effectively, you’re looking for this item, which you can find in the Furniture Catalog – if you have it, be sure to keep it out!

The way that this works is you can get one candy per igloo per day. In other words, the same igloo won’t give you candy twice in a single day! It doesn’t matter how many people have already found candy at that igloo.


It’s possible to become a ghost and a zombie for this event! Let’s start with becoming a ghost.

Transforming into a ghost:

Becoming a ghost requires exploring the Haunted Mansion, so here’s some steps to access that:

  1. Start at the Forest and click the path at the top right of your screen
  2. Enter the Haunted Mansion through the gate
  3. In the first room, go right
  4. In the second room, go through the door at the top
  5. In the third room, use the path on the right
  6. This will lead you to the Ghost Chamber

Note: there’s a couple of rooms that you can’t access in the Haunted Mansion; it doesn’t matter how many people are collected together as ghosts.

Once you’ve got this far, all you need to do is enter the chamber in the middle! After a couple of seconds and some magic, your penguin will emerge outside it again…this time as a ghost!

Transforming into a zombie:

It’s also possible to become a zombie! This process is a little different.

  1. Go to the Graveyard (accessible from the Mine Shack or the Forest – second one from the top right)
  2. Wait around
  3. Eventually, a zombie will start to emerge from the ground
  4. Waddle to the location of the zombie
  5. It should touch you after a couple of seconds

Once you’ve been touched by this zombie, you’ll also become a zombie!

In both cases, you can transform back by clicking your playercard, where you’ll find a button to revert the change.


The last thing to note which you may have missed are the new emotes. There’s a spooky vampire laugh, a ghost, and a pumpkin!

This party truly is remarkable, and I’d highly recommend checking out all the rooms – they’re all decorated, and many are even “custom” designs! There’ll be more content for the second week of the event, including the iconic Halloween Scarf, along with mascot visits throughout the next fortnight.

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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