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CP Rewritten: Mascots Confirmed for November Operation

There was a lot of speculation earlier about whether additional EPF agents, such as Jet Pack Guy, would be visiting for the unnamed event later this month! From today, that has been revealed not to be the case. Instead, it’s been confirmed that only Herbert and Klutzy will visit for the event.

Klutzy is a new mascot, and that requires a new Klutzy tracker! A little downtime was needed to implement this due to the nature of the code, but it’s been launched now, and you can find the Klutzy tracker here.

It works just like any other tracker, and it should show Klutzy’s location whenever he logs onto the island! The only difference now is that some of the information is a bit limited since he hasn’t appeared yet, but I hope that it’ll help when he starts to!

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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