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CP Rewritten: Truly Custom Items Being Developed

This story is a very exciting one, but it takes a little bit of explaining! Currently, when an item is added to the game, it’s typically one which was available on classic Club Penguin. Occasionally, this item would have a different colour combination which hasn’t been seen before, and these are generally referred to as “custom” items.

Previously, the team haven’t been able to design their own items from scratch because they lacked the penguin’s model, so all items had to be based of ones from classic Club Penguin. That’s going to be changing soon: the team now have access to a penguin model, so can design their own items!

These items were never seen before on classic Club Penguin

I recognise that’s a little convoluted, so in other words: the definition of a “custom” item could soon be changed. Up until now, it’s essentially been a re-colour of an existing item, but this will allow the team to come up with virtually any item, maximising their creativity!

It’s still unclear when the first truly custom item will be released; the team posted the sneak peek which you can see above today, but it isn’t accessible in-game. However, it’s definitely something to look forward to!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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